Introduction to the DNA appliance

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Introduction to the DNA appliance

Beitrag#1von Gast » 13. Sep 2013 22:38

Sorry I do not speak German, but I think this is important.

For those of you that are considering orthodontic treatment please consider the DNA appliance System. The DNA appliance website has Google translate embedded in it on the left side of the screen if you want to read it in German or any other 70 languages you would like.

A new video has been released on the main DNA appliance Website called "DNA appliance Made Simple" presented by Dr G Dave Singh DDSc PhD BDS. He is the founder of the field of Epigenetic orthodontics and the inventor of the DNA appliance system.

The DNA appliance can be used on patients 5 to 70 years of age. Instead of using a process of inflammation, it uses a physiological process that is painless and uses no medications or injections. The appliance sends signals the body in a way that interacts with the genes that control cranio-facial development to restart the development of the mid-facial region. You only wear the appliance in the early evening and at night.

Most of the providers are in the USA. If there was enough interest in Germany I am sure that a conference could be held and Dr Dave Singh DDSc PhD BDS would train a large group of dentists to be able to service the needs of patients that demand it.

Another great testimonial and resource is . It is a blog of a patient that has been treated with the DNA appliance for just over a year. The results are really good.

Thanks for reading this!

DNAappliance for children, especially class III treatment?

Beitrag#2von ruebezahl » 15. Sep 2013 15:39

Dear guest, dear users,
at first, I´m glad about recent developments in holistic treatment with removable appliances in other continents.
But when I glanced over your sites, I was missing case examples of children. For the reason to get straightforward on a healthy way. Are there any available, including in pdf articles?

In particular, is there a kind of DNA appliance for (early) treatment of class 3 (lower jaw stands before upper)?
Almost all our traditional types of removable functional and plate appliances in Europe included such a kind. Class 3 treatment started preferably early, from 5 years on, with success.
About the stability of results of late treatment of class 3, on the other hand, there are different findings, depending much on the involved methods, whether they actively include the involved muscles or not.

Best regards from good old Germany,
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